Remote Worker Workshops

Working as an indie or remote worker can wear down the most resilient professional.

As a remote worker, anywhere worker, one-person business, or freelancer, you’ll undoubtedly experience:

Isolation | Uncertainty | Overwhelm | Frustration

You are responsible for every idea, decision, commitment, and promise in your business life. As a remote worker you may suffer from out of sight – out of mind syndrome. But choosing to be INDEPENDENT or REMOTE doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone.

You don’t have to face your demons alone.

Yes, others have walked this path ahead of you, but you are unique. It’s your individuality that got you this far. And because of this, the help you need is also uncommon. Most of the time, being an indie or remote worker is exhilarating. When it’s not, it’s time to reach out.

Indie Workshops: Co-Created Brilliance

One Hour | Private Session

In these one-on-one, hour-long workshops, you and I will co-create what you need to move forward. We’ll design the experience necessary to overcome your productivity demons and get your ideas, your brilliance out of your head and into the world.

What’s most important is that you realize: you are not alone.

What area needs a boost?

Goal-Setting: You want to set yourself up for success, but you keep missing your targets. We’ll work together to establish the right goals at the right time for you. We’ll take one crucial goal and develop a plan and select strategies you need to succeed. How do you define success?

Project Quick-Start: Don’t have time for a month-long project program? We’ll get you laser-focused and into action. We’ll start with selecting the right project and ending with an action plan to implement today! What would it feel like to finally get that project DONE?

Presentation / Speaking Prep: You dread putting together your presentation or giving that talk. I’ve got a plan for that! Bring your topic or event details, and we’ll work on designing the experience for your audience. No matter where your demons appear. Ready to share your message with impact?

Communicate with Impact: You want to connect to others and inspire action but aren’t having the impact you want. Storytelling is the secret sauce of influence. We’ll look at the different business situations and get you started in developing your unique collection. Where in your professional life, would storytelling help?

Going Indie/Remote: There’s a lot to consider when transitioning from office to remote or from employee to indie. We’ll get situational awareness and develop an action plan that’s right for you. Wouldn’t you like to design your ideal workday?

Poke Your Brain: Your questions are eclectic, just like you. You want to get a different perspective and throw another brain into the mix. You need a sounding board, someone to give it to you as they see it – even if you don’t. This workshop is designed to ‘poke your brain’ about things you may not even know need poking.

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