Indie Workshops

Working as an indie or remote worker can wear down the most resilient professional. As a remote worker, anywhere worker, one-person business, indie creative, freelancer, CEO of you, you’ll undoubtedly experience:

Isolation | Uncertainty | Overwhelm | Frustration

You’re responsible for every idea, decision, commitment, and promise in your business. As a remote worker you are suffer from out of sight – out of mind syndrome. But INDIE and REMOTE doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone.

You don’t have to face your demons alone.

Yes, others have walked this path ahead of you, but you are unique. It’s your individuality that got you this far. And because of this, the help you need is also uncommon. Most of the time, being an indie or remote worker is exhilarating. WHen it’s not, it’s time to reach out.

Indie Workshops: Co-Created Brilliance

One Hour | Private Session

In these one-on-one, hour-long workshops, you and I will co-create what you need to move forward. We’ll design the experience necessary to overcome your productivity demons and get your ideas, your brilliance out of your head and into the world.

What’s most important is that you realize: you are not alone.

Three Steps to co-created brilliance

  1. Select your indie workshop topic from the list.
  2. Book your workshop day and time & confirm payment.
  3. Experience your co-created brilliance and move forward.

Take the first step: select your topic.

What can you expect?

  • Because these are one-on-one workshops, each is as unique as you.
  • The objectives and outcomes of each workshop are unique to the situation. 
  • No two workshops will be experienced the same even by the same person.
  • Each workshop is one hour in length, is conducted using Zoom (or similar) audio or audio/video tools.
  • We probably won’t be able to cover every bit of content. We only have 1 hour, and your head is full of brilliance!
  • Payment processing is handled by Square (aff. link) an established and secure payment processor.
  • Refunds may be available if canceled at least 24 hours in advance.

Not sure which topic is right for you? Schedule a short consult.

Are you ready?

The world needs your genius.