Winning the struggle between uncertainty and control.

Struggling between uncertainty and control? Try this 6 minute bootcamp for your brain.

When there is unprecedented uncertainty, we search for things we can control. Even things (and people) that don’t need or want to be controlled.

The problem? 

Too much energy (physical, emotional, mental) and resources thrown at the wrong things. And because they’re the wrong things, we don’t experience good results.

Unmet expectations lead to frustration, disappointment, and demotivation – further depleting our energy reserves and souring our mood.

What should we do? Stop the energy drain.

How? By gaining clarity in the moment.

Try this Everyday Questions for Success

What do I have control over – IN THIS MOMENT?

These questions are designed to help you dig deeper into the situation. Think of it as a 6 minute bootcamp for your brain.

Step 1. List everything that is dominating your thoughts and attention right now. Get it all out on paper if you can. Don’t judge or assess in this step. Treat this like a brainstorm/brain-dump.

Step 2. Examine each item critically. Once everything is out of your brain, it’s time to review each item using the powerful question.

Is this within your control in this moment?

This is a Yes or No option.

If no: put the issue aside. If you have no control over it you’re wasting your energy.

If yes: if it’s within your control then, move to step 3.

Step 3. Identify the very next small step forward.

Your next step forward may be to dig deeper into your resources, skills, and obstacles. At this point you have at least removed much of clutter and have clarified what is truly within your control.

We can only change what we can control. All else is wasted energy.

Everyday Questions for Success: Each question is like attending a 6 minute success bootcamp for your brain.