Why take action now?

Over the past several weeks I’ve been sharing with you some of the misconceptions I’ve encountered regarding becoming an exceptional communicator. Now I’d like to share with you why this is important now and how the predictions of the future of work are the driving force for you to start strengthening those skills now.


Over several years I observed how leaders struggled to formulate just the right slide deck to gain approval for million dollar projects. As I worked with them to craft their message, it became clear that their perspective needed to be broadened both in time and scope.

Expanding the perspective of time includes how the leader came to this position and project as well as looking forward not only to the delivery of the message but the ultimate impact.

Expanding the perspective of scope includes looking at the audience and of course the context at various points on the timeline.

The context of these interactions was also being impacted by the changes to how we work. Recognizing that we are already on our way toward the future of work, the presentationYOU program needed to take into consideration the challenges of the leader in a world where work is done everywhere and the workforce is designing their own experience to include meaningful work.

Here are some of the predictions for the future of work on which our program is based:

  1. The Skeleton Corporation. Organizations will maintain a skeleton staff and outsource 80% of their work. Not only will this reduce their risk and responsibility, it will reduce the financial demands for compensation, benefits, training and development as well as equipment, facilities, and management. Already being outsourced are support functions such as Information Technology, Finance, and Human Resources.
  2. Virtual Service Providers. Specialty organizations that provide outsourced services such as IT, HR, and finance will reduce their financial burdens by hiring virtual workers. Since these services are outsourced, there is no need to have everyone in one place. This reduction in financial burden will allow specialty organizations to stay competitive in the world market.
  3. On Demand Professionals. Professionals will maintain independent contractor status to regain control. They will have the freedom (and now the responsibility) to choose projects which best utilize their strengths, match their values, and have meaning for them. They will be responsible for their own personal and professional development as well as marketing their services.
  4. Boutique Talent Brokers. Highly attuned to the fact that not all individual professionals will have the skills to market and sell their services, talent brokers will begin to provide match-making services introducing organizations to their on demand teams. Tapping into their network of independent workers, the boutique will help fill the needs of both the organization and indie professional.
  5. On Demand Teams. Collaborative work will increase and individual professionals will need to pull together on their projects. These on demand teams will need to accelerate through the team development process in order to meet the demands of the market.
  6. Artistry As A Value Proposition. As individuals begin to design careers as unique as their strengths, values, and skills, they will demand similar originality in their products. Organizations will focus less on mass production and more on customization, craftsmanship, and artistry.

The future of work is already starting. Many of these changes are happening around us. It is only one element of the context in which leaders must influence others into action.

You can see how exceptional communication skills in the current environment are a powerful leadership skill and essential to getting things done. Imagine the future where these elements put additional stress on our communication and connection abilities and how the usual level of skills will no longer hold the weight under such strain.

You can start now to make a change. Change takes time and action and both of these are valuable resources. How valuable is your success?

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