Who will be impacted?

When used for good, powerful questioning increases your value as a professional.

You want this superpower!

Today’s question is especially helpful in widening perspective when faced with decision making.

Who will be impacted by this decision?

This question is about widening your perspective. Whether it is a decision to start something, stop something, or any other decision – it will have impact beyond just your immediate world.

The impact may not appear direct, but it still ripples through the stakeholders of your life.

The more important the decision, the more likely this question will require time and focus to fully answer.

Knowing who your decision will impact is only the first step. As you may imagine, there are follow on questions:

  • How will it impact them?
  • What is their expectation with this decision?
  • What is your strategy for managing those expectations?

Widen your perspective and your implementation will be much smoother.

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