What’s your back-up plan?

The ultimate actionable strategy for business and personal growth is powerful questioning.

If you’ve ever witnessed artful questioning, you know the power it holds. And if you’ve ever wished you could have that power, now’s your chance:

What is your back-up plan?

We all want our original plan to work. But what if it doesn’t? What will you do then?

This doesn’t refer only to project plans or business plans. This question is for just about everything.

That speaking engagement you’ve prepared for with the fancy new presentation software…what happens if the tech doesn’t work? What’s your back-up plan?

The conversation with your client, what if that doesn’t go as planned? What’s your back-up plan?

How about your calendar. How many times have you planned to get things done only to have something urgent change everything. What’s your back-up plan to get those things done?

Having a back-up plan doesn’t mean you’re planning to fail. It does mean you understand the world is uncertain and you are ready for it.

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