What’s new about this?

Asking powerful questions isn’t always easy, especially if you’re facing failure.

But if you’ve ever witnessed artful questioning, you know the power it holds to face the failure and move forward.

If you’ve ever wished you could have that power, now’s your chance.

What’s new about this situation?

If you pride yourself on being consistent with your work, this powerful question is just for you.

At some point in your business you’ve created a process or approach to the common situations in your business. It’s probably part of the reason you’re so successful!

And then for some reason, it fails. After dozens of successful runs of your tried and true approach – it falls flat on it’s proverbial face.

Without judging yourself or others involved, ask this powerful question – what’s new (or different) about this situation? Why is this failing now and not before? And of course once you figure out what’s new…

What will you do next?

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