What resources can you call on to help?

Clarity and growth come with taking action, not just thinking. These questions are intended to inspire action with purpose.

Here’s one to inspire action:

Don’t think for one minute you’ll be doing this on your own. Whatever ‘this’ is – you’ll be working with others directly and indirectly.

Recognizing that we all have our strengths and weaknesses is a true sign of wisdom. The sooner you identify what you need help with and who/what resources you need to supplement your weakness, the sooner you can get on the road toward success.

Don’t wait until you hit the roadblock. Where have you had trouble before? Why not get help now?

Resources take many forms. It can be a teammate, a coach, a process, or even a book. It can be someone offering to take something off your plate so you can focus. Or maybe it’s someone giving you permission to take on this project.

Figure out what resources you need – and go get them!

We need your ideas in the world.

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