What is this costing you?

Long or short, complex or simple, a compelling question evokes discovery and insight, clarity and commitment, and innovation and action.

Asking the right question at the right time can change everything.

If you’ve ever witnessed artful questioning, you know the power it holds. And if you’ve ever wished you could have that power, now’s your chance.

Today’s important question:

If you’ve ever tried to make a behavior change, process change, or pull the plug on a big project you’ve invested a lot into, this question is essential.

Keep in mind, not everything has a financial cost.

When this question has the most impact, the insight is often about the costs impacting our professional relationships, our reputation, and even our physical and emotional health.

Whatever you’re facing right now – that thing you can’t seem to stop doing, start doing or let go of – what is it costing you?

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