What are you assuming?

Asking powerful questions is part of my everyday life.

I use these as part of my consulting and coaching profession, my advising role, and in running my own business.

The right question asked at the right time can lead to surprising insights and help us move forward.

Some questions can be asked as thought exercises only while others require thorough written attention. Either way, the first step is to ask. I urge you to give each question a try and keep them handy for when you face obstacles.

Today’s powerful question:

What are you assuming?

Lindadeluca.net asking everyday questions for success

For anyone who expends precious energy worrying about future situations, this is indeed a compelling question.

With it, you can uncover unrealistic expectations and biases that can stop you from achieving and enjoying your success.

Once you identify what you are assuming in whatever situation you face, ask yourself the follow-up question:

Is it true?

This one-two punch of powerful questions will help you eliminate unnecessary angst and help you put your energy into the right things. 

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