Virtual Versus In-Person

Caution: Not all delivery methods are the same

In your life of business you are presenting both in person and virtually. Please do not expect to use the same approach and material for both!

DON’T PANIC: You do not have to recreate an entirely different presentation, however you will need to modify your in-person to use virtually and visa-versa.

The PresentationYOU process will help you to determine what needs to be different in your virtual presentation versus your in person event. Here are a few things to consider:


When presenting in person, consider the following as an example of the differences from a virtual events (no, this is not a complete list, just something to get you started):

  • -Making eye contact with your audience
  • -Using gestures for emphasis and energy
  • -Reading and interpreting your audience’s  body language
  • -Strong emphasis on you and what you are saying, less on the visuals
  • -Using group breakout activities to engage the audience
  • -Program can be longer and can have breaks


What is important and different about a virtual event includes:

  • -Using voice, chat or text to connect with your audience
  • -Drawing and notating on slides for emphasis
  • -Using voice: tone, pace, inflection, for energy
  • -Using voice and chat to interpret your audience’s engagement, thoughts, and reactions
  • -Faster pace (more slides / changing quickly) to keep audience visually engaged
  • -Designing polls and questions to engage audience
  • -Designing a shorter version than the in-person event
  • -Include a co-presenter / producer


  • -Connect with the audience
  • -Match your style to the audience
  • -Visual slides support your talk
  • -Take away documents provided after presentation (when appropriate)
  • -Follow the PresentationYOU process guidelines