Would you use an easy button?

So many people I talk with are looking for the easy button for their work or home life.

Bad news: there is no such thing as an easy button.

I wondered, would you use it if it did exist?

Easy Button Tasks

Think about what you could do:

  • Design an engaging presentation you need to deliver to your client.
  • Better yet, use it to compile all the client data you collected into a report.
  • Heck, you could hit the easy button to gather the data for you!

These are the difficult things, the time consuming things, the things that take thought and interpretation and your specific perspective. Maybe it’s better not to use the easy button on those things.

Maybe you could use it to do the less specialized work:

  • Schedule your staff meetings.
  • Follow up with your team on commitments.
  • Chair the leadership meeting at your local chamber.

It’s not that you need to do these specifically, you just need to have them done. That’s a better list, don’t you think?

Your List

Why not take a few minutes and write out twenty things you would use the easy button to do for you? Go ahead. I’ll wait.

Was it easy to list twenty things?

Are you ready for the challenge?

You may have guessed this wasn’t a useless exercise. You know I’m going to challenge you, right?

Take a look at the things on your list. Ask yourself why you’re still doing them. You’ve just identified a list of twenty things to delegate, stop doing, or otherwise take off your list. Do it!

This is uncomfortable. Stop hiding behind your busyness and start focusing on what’s important. Let go of the easy button work.

Do your most difficult work. Do your best work.