Turn your ideas into results.

Every day you have great ideas. Some ideas are better than others. Some you forget, and some you write down to do ‘some day.’

But they are only thoughts. Until they’re not just thoughts and become important enough to take off the ‘some day’ shelf.

That is when they stop being just an idea and become a quest.

Maybe you have a brilliant idea about how your business can help your clients, or your community can attract tourists, or your family can save money.

Now the challenge is how to take that idea and get results.

There are, of course, a few steps between having a thought and getting results:

1. Turning thoughts into words. This is what the West Wing’s Sam Seaborn did for President Bartlett. Knowing what key words would ring true with the audience and speaking the right ‘language.’

2. Turning words into influence. Sure you can write the words, but how will you deliver them? Will it be on a page, in a speech, in a movie, or in conversation? When have you been influenced by an actor, even if it’s only one line?

3. Turning influence into action. Is the audience moved enough to take action? Are you moved or passionate enough to take action? Is your ‘why’ strong enough? For leaders it’s often just as important for you to take action as it is your team. Actions speak louder than words at this point.

4. Turning action into results. Action must be for the right purpose. To truly succeed in our quest, we must choose our actions wisely. But often it is not just one action, but being consistent and deliberate about the behavior that will turn those original thoughts and ideas into results through influence and action.

Look at it from another perspective: what are your actions saying about your ideas? What are your actions saying about the quest you have chosen?

If you want a framework for turning your ideas into results, consider Everyday Project Success.