Trying something different…

Many things are different for the indie worker than for the corporate employee.

For one, you need a more flexible approach to – well – everything.

I hear you loud and clear. That’s why I’m now offering the one-on-one INDIE WORKSHOP!


Working as an indie can wear down the most resilient professional. As a one-person business, indie creative, freelancer, CEO of you, you’ll undoubtedly experience:

Isolation | Uncertainty | Overwhelm | Frustration

You’re responsible for every idea, decision, commitment, and promise in your business. But INDIE doesn’t mean you have to do it all alone.

You don’t have to face your demons alone.

Yes, others have walked this path ahead of you, but you are unique. It’s your individuality that got you this far. And because of this, the help you need is also uncommon.

I know because I experience these things as an indie myself. 

If you didn’t know already, I worked in corporate for more than two decades then transitioned to the life of an indie professional for another decade and counting. 

I’ve curated knowledge from many sources. I  want to share that wisdom with you.

I want to share it with you in a way that makes sense for you as an indie.

I hope you know, you don’t have to face the uncertainty, overwhelm, or frustration alone.

Most of the time, being an indie is exhilarating. When it’s not, it’s time to reach out.

The Indie Workshop experience is designed with you in mind.

Indie Workshops: Co-Created Brilliance

Three Steps to co-created brilliance

  1. Select your indie workshop topic from the list.
  2. Book your workshop day and time & confirm payment.
  3. Experience your co-created brilliance and move forward.

What will you choose to work on in your one-on-one private workshop?

Check out the topic list now!

Don’t wait – the world needs your genius now.