Truth? P.U. you stink at presenting

Let me get to the point – no one thinks their presentations stink.
Yet we all have experienced a less than engaging or confusing presentation!

It’s the blind spot we all have.
Seeing ourselves from the other side of the podium.

Your friends won’t tell you.
Your co-workers certainly won’t tell you.
Your boss may tell you.
But your coach, your trusted advisor, her sole purpose is to tell you.

Don’t worry. No one stinks all the time. But no one is perfect all the time either.

Most of us are somewhere in between ‘stink’ and ‘perfect’ but knowing how to have more good presentations than bad is how your coach and advisor can help.

The first step in finding out how to have more good than bad presentations is to identify your communication preferences – your strengths.

In a 45 minute consult, I can get you started to discover your strengths.

Send me a note and we’ll talk.