Three Approaches to 2020 Planning.

I’ve spent the past weeks working with indie professionals on developing their 2020 plans.

And every one of them took a different approach. And I love the variety!

Co-creating their unique path to getting their ideas out of their heads and into the world has proven to be the best experience.

Incremental Goals

Sharon took last year’s outcomes and boosted each to the next level. Whether it was sales, productivity, or clients, she’s established clear, measurable goals and action plans. 

The support she chose is an accountability meeting each week with a more in-depth review each month to address course corrections. Sharon knows she works better with an external accountability partner.

The incremental journey includes a clear destination, a map with rest stops, refueling stations, and estimated times marked along the way.

Discovery Goals 

Oscar took a different approach. He started with a detailed description of what his year-end work and life experience would be. Instead of establishing specific step-by-step action plans, he likes to leave opportunities for discovery. His approach uses the end goal as a guidepost to help choose actions along the way. 

Oscar prefers monthly check-in meetings and someone to be a sounding board for ideas. It’s what will keep the momentum and gain clarity as he moves closer to his target.

The discovery journey has a clear destination and GPS. It doesn’t include the turn-by-turn route, estimated time of arrival, nor stops along the way. 

Organic Goals

Paige’s approach was the most intriguing.  Recent changes in her life overwhelmed her and couldn’t even think about an annual goal. Instead of setting a goal that wasn’t her own, she chose the very next step on her path.  She set her goals for the coming month only. 

As Paige’s journey unfolds, we’ll get together every month to review the prior month and lay the foundation for the next.

The organic journey has a general direction rather than a specific destination. We make choices at the moment as points of interest appear along the journey.

Your Approach

How do you want to experience the coming year?

Remember, you don’t have to face your demons alone.