Not many take time to really think much anymore.
We are a society of fast reactors.
We expect responses, answers, and decisions within minutes or faster.

Instinct, intuition, gut-reactions all play a part.

We are at risk of loosing a part of what makes us unique as human beings.

We’ve lost our way.
Distracted and mislead.
So much to read, to watch, to hear.

We collect and share information.
Are we no smarter than a computer running a program?
Pulling things from here and sending them there.
Is that what it is to be human?

When there are big questions being asked.
When there is big impact.
When we look far into the future.

Do these events not deserve more than a quick response?

Instead of listing the 7 tips, 5 habits, 6 secrets of…
why not create something new?

Take time to think.
Think slowly.
Dig deep. No, deeper than that.
Think differently.
Think for yourself.