The true value of completing your project.

When we focus only on the endpoint, sometimes we miss the point of the journey.


There’s value in the completed project.
But the magic happens in the doing.

As with most learning programs, the real value of the 4weeks&DONE WORKshop isn’t getting your project done. Yes, it’s essential, but that’s not where the power lies.

The actual value of this program is the insight and clarity you gain from going through the process.

Through this process, you’ll face your demons, the ones that keep you from getting your important work done.

Instead of avoiding them or using some quick-fix solution, you’ll stand nose-to-nose with these demons. You’ll work to find the secret weapon only you can weld to slay them.

I could give you the step-by-step process of selecting, defining, planning, and executing a project (and you get that in the program). But until you are doing the work, the demon won’t appear.

That’s why I offer the 4weeks&DONE program.

I’ve faced a demon or two during the program. Each time I gather more strength and more secret weapons to slay demons (or dragons, if you prefer.)

Not everyone can join in person. If you want to work on slaying your demon, reach out and we’ll find a way to work together..