The Speaking and Presenting Masterclass Failure

What’s the biggest mistake in trying to hone your speaking and presentation skills? 

Going to a masterclass and mimicking the instructor.

Anyone who does a one size fits all presentation approach has missed the point.

Powerful speaking and presenting isn’t about following some rules provided by TED or anyone else. 

Having impact – the impact you want to have requires a deeper than average knowledge of 4 things: yourself, your audience, the context of the situation, and your message.

The dynamics between these four things is always in flux. If you try to use a formula to deliver a impactful speach, you’ll most likely fail at your goal.

We love checklists, easy buttons, and magic formulas for just about everything from elevator speaches to keynotes to board meetings and workshops.

There’s only one way to deliver your best speach every time: Design the experience, not the presentation.

If you’re in a workshop getting feedback from strangers, ask yourself this: do these people represent your intended audience? Have they been in the context your impending talk is to be experienced?

Sure, work on your breathing, volume, pace, posing, and of course your slides. But most of the work that matters is inside your head.

Stop worrying about whether to use powerpoint or the newest kickiest software tool.

Worry more about making that connection with the people in the room.

Make an effort to know yourself, your objectives, your expectations, and your blind spots.

Find out more about your audience and how they’ll likely respond to you and your message.

Explore the context of your talk. It’s as important as your words.

Craft your message only after you dive into yourself, your audience, and the context. 

The message begins and ends with you. In between is the audience’s experience.

You can’t get that from a group masterclass.

The Indie Workshop is designed for you and only you. It’s a one-on-one co-created experience focused on your unique needs. Fine tuned to you, your audience, understanding the context and finally crafting a message that meets your needs.

Together we can co-create your brilliance.

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