The Power of Why?

Having trouble getting work done? Having trouble connecting to others? Have you lost your motivation?

Look a little closer at your WHY

Over the past several weeks I’ve noticed a theme forming in many of my interactions with people. As we discussed concerns, issues, or obstacles they are facing I found myself continuously asking the question ‘Why?’ And that one word, that one question began a conversation and exploration that helped to remove the obstacles.

That small word holds a big punch when you don’t know the answer.

  • Why are you doing that presentation?
  • Why are you in this situation?
  • Why did you say yes to that project?
  • Why are you meeting with that person?
  • Why do you want coaching?
  • Why are you not producing?
  • Why are you not happy?
  • Why is this important?

These questions are using what I call the consultative approach and can be used in your life of business and business of life. No matter who you are working with, if you approach the problem with first understanding the why, you will build a  foundation on which you can develop your relationship, business, and life.

Your Biggest WHY

These smaller daily why’s are all descendants of the biggest why – your personal mission. If you don’t have a personal mission or purpose for your life’s work, you will not find fulfillment. Not only that, you will find it difficult to answer many of the smaller why questions. You will find it difficult to make decisions. You will feel lost.

We all find our personal why in different places. Some find it through self reflection, some through trial and error, some through faith.

Challenge: Do you have a personal mission?

Here is a question to help you ponder your life’s purpose: When you leave this earth, how will it be different? How will you have contributed?

Take time to think about this, discuss it with trusted friends and family, let it ferment in your brain a bit.

until next time,

your executive coach