Take charge: Your Hero’s Journey


If life is a journey, you are the hero – take charge!

Along your professional journey you face challenges, obstacles, choices, changing landscapes, villains, mentors, transformations, successes and failures.

You have a choice

You can let others map your journey, or you can

Take Charge

and become the leader and hero of your own success.


 The Take Charge Hero…

  • Takes responsibility for his/her own career success;
  • Recognizes the future of work and moves out to meet it by building skills and changing the definition of work;
  • Continuously learns and develops skills, habits, and  perspectives to meet the needs of the future;
  • Recognizes the importance of staying connected to others; to the goal; to their mission.
  • Continually looks for new ways to collaborate, recognizing they can not do it all themselves, and that the diversity they bring to the team is critical to it’s success;
  • Is open to finding new creative ways to stay productive.

This body of work is designed to inspire you to take responsibility for designing your own success and become the hero of your own professional journey.

Imagine the world we can create if we each took charge of our own success.

It all starts with knowing yourself. Are you ready?