4 keys to staying productive – anywhere

You wouldn’t run a marathon on M&M, or without training first, would you? And you won’t be a productive anywhere worker without training either. Being an anywhere worker is a lot like running a marathon. There are long hours, changing environments, and stresses on our minds and bodies. If you are any anywhere worker, you know what I’m talking about!

If you think I’m going to tell you about a new app, or how to stay connected 24/7 with your own WIFI hotspot – you are wrong! Those things are great, but before you even get your geek on, you need to establish good foundational behaviors. It’s the fuel and training of the anywhere worker.

4 keys to staying productive

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finding your sweet spot at work

what is a sweet spot?

Many years ago, I took a couple of golf lessons. Yep, laugh all you want, but at least I tried!  There’s one thing that stuck with me: finding the sweet spot. In golf the sweet spot is the best surface on the club face that, if you strike the ball right there, you’ll hit a beautiful drive. Yeah, right! Let’s just say I could see the sweet spot, but could not execute on the theory. Now I just like to golf on those courses with the windmills – if you know what i mean.

sweet spot for work

What I took away from that experience, was that there is a sweet spot in other areas of your life – like work. No, really. There is! Stay with me on this.

Do you feel under utilized? overworked? bored? have a general feeling of angst in your daily work? I know why… you? You’re feeling angst because you are not working in your sweet spot.

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stop tolerating – reduce stress – increase productivity

Stop what you are doing for a moment and pay attention. I need to have a conversation with you. For too long now you have been tolerating things in your life and they are making you cranky and old before your time. Whether it’s that cluttered closet or a job that is slowly sucking the life out of you, these things are draining your energy and keeping from being your best self. It’s not right! We need you to be here. We need you to be fully and completely engaged!

what are you tolerating?

Do I have your attention? Good. Here is what i want you to do. Take out a piece of paper or open a text document on your computer. At the top write ‘Things / People / Situations I am tolerating.’ Take 5 minutes right now and brainstorm that list. Pause now and do it – I’ll wait.

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