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Small Business Hero’s Journey: Your Vision

In The hero’s journey  I outlined a few beginning steps, one of which prompted you to “know your quest.” Clearly define the vision you have for this business. Don’t start the business planning just yet, but rather get a picture of the destination. What will your life be like at the end of the journey? What is your goal? What is your business? What do you want to be doing all day?

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The Hero’s Journey: Starting a Small Business

It is a hero’s journey to go from an employee to an anywhere worker starting a small business of your own. This journey doesn’t start the day you quit your job, it starts much earlier. If you are considering this path, take these 7 steps as a calculated risk approach.

Know your quest.

The hero’s journey starts with a quest. what is your quest?

1. Assess your current situation: This includes

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