let out a roar at work

This post is a little different. I’m taking my own advise and doing one thing different today….I hope you enjoy this departure.


There once was a dragon that was lost at birth by its parents and raised among farm animals. It grew up to eat grass and walk the fields like other tame beasts.

One day an older dragon flew over the fields, breathing fire and scattering all the animals in the barnyard. The young dragon on the ground was fascinated and frozen in its tracks. The older dragon, spying its young cousin, swooped down, grabbed the younger one in its huge jaws, and flew far up into the sky.

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finding your sweet spot at work

what is a sweet spot?

Many years ago, I took a couple of golf lessons. Yep, laugh all you want, but at least I tried!  There’s one thing that stuck with me: finding the sweet spot. In golf the sweet spot is the best surface on the club face that, if you strike the ball right there, you’ll hit a beautiful drive. Yeah, right! Let’s just say I could see the sweet spot, but could not execute on the theory. Now I just like to golf on those courses with the windmills – if you know what i mean.

sweet spot for work

What I took away from that experience, was that there is a sweet spot in other areas of your life – like work. No, really. There is! Stay with me on this.

Do you feel under utilized? overworked? bored? have a general feeling of angst in your daily work? I know why… you? You’re feeling angst because you are not working in your sweet spot.

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what is your Kryptonite?

Kryptonite, the ultimate physical weakness of an otherwise invulnerable hero, Superman. You see, we are all ultimately human and flawed. Even a super-human is still human.

Kryptonite for the superhuman worker of today takes many forms, each as individual as the person it effects. Do you know what form your Kryptonite takes?

Symptoms of Kryptonite Exposure

Have you ever had a day where you just couldn’t get anything done? Your mind is willing but your will is missing? Something is sucking the energy (or give a damn) out of your very being. If so, chances are somewhere nearby is your Kryptonite. Anything that drains the very energy from every cell in your being is most likely Kryptonite.

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