The Power of Why?

Having trouble getting work done? Having trouble connecting to others? Have you lost your motivation?

Look a little closer at your WHY

Over the past several weeks I’ve noticed a theme forming in many of my interactions with people. As we discussed concerns, issues, or obstacles they are facing I found myself continuously asking the question ‘Why?’ And that one word, that one question began a conversation and exploration that helped to remove the obstacles.

That small word holds a big punch when you don’t know the answer.

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Virtual Collaborative Goal Setting

You’ve been assigned to work on a virtual team. The team has met virtually once to get to know each other and begin to build rapport. Now it’s time to get to work.

The first order of business: Agree to and set a goal for the project.

You’ve worked on team projects before, so you know that any time you have more than two people working together you introduce complexity and a variety of perspectives. Now you are adding another factor: virtual collaboration.

Virtual collaborative goal setting is about blending perceptions, cultures, and distance to come to an agreement on the one thing…the goal of the collaboration. Follow these steps to set yourself up for a successful goal setting meeting.

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