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An Injustice Discovered

Several months ago the azione-scopo team (advisors and contributors) determined there was an injustice in the business world that needed to be addressed: bad presentations!

I know you’ve experienced bad presentations:

  • -It’s the slide with enough 10 pt font words to fill a dictionary;
  • -It’s the presenter that reads that slide word – for – word;
  • -It’s that hour you wish you could get back;
  • -It’s thinking ‘what’s their point?’

The injustice is

  • …the waste of time for you as the audience;
  • …the presenter wasting hours on the wrong thing;
  • …the presenter unable to communicate their message;
  • …the missed opportunity to connect people-ideas-action.

The injustice is….the presenter may be you!

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Present spontaneously through practice

Have you ever attended a presentation and been awed by how easily the keynote speaker engages you and how comfortable she seems? She speaks without looking at notes or her slides. It’s as if she’s having a conversation with just you and everything she says is off the top of her head. Do you wish you could be that spontaneous?

Would you be surprised to find out that those presenters are not spontaneously presenting? They practice and prepare more than the average presenter. That is why the moved from average to exceptional.

You can present with impact and confidence by using this four step approach.

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