4 Steps to Ignite Your Career With Masterminds

Bring innovation and creativity to the boardroom table – and ignite your career! Do you wish you could spend your days learning new things? Keeping up on all of the new technology? Assessing the latest management trends? Interpreting the latest research in human behavior? Are you laughing right now because you barely have time to answer your email inbox, let alone do research and critical analysis?

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Executive Coaching and The Queen

Oh yes, there is a common thread through The Queen’s Diamond Jubile and executive coaching. It’s not obvious, it’s about – connecting. Connecting one person to another in a relationship that has far reaching impact.

This weekend I stopped to watch with millions of others as Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. There is something about such an event that makes us stop and take note of how time passes.

Beyond the brilliance and ceremony, I was struck by Queen Elizabeth II the person, and her relationships – specifically her relationships with the British prime ministers past and present.

Here in front of me was a great example of an executive coaching relationship. An example I could share with others to help them better understand the role and importance of coaching.

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Powerful Virtual Performance Reviews

Performance reviews are a perfect opportunity to make an investment in your company’s most valuable asset: your people. Whether virtual or co-located, your team members will benefit from a well defined and valued performance process. Here are tips to making your virtual performance reviews a success through purpose and presence.

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