halloween at the office: which monster are you?

‘Is that Frankenstein’s monster I just passed?’ ‘No, that’s Bob, he’s just a little cranky today.’ ‘I’d better warn the townspeople… I mean team.’

Halloween. A time when we say goodbye to the lighter half (longer days) of the year and welcome the darker half (longer nights). A holiday filled with fun, festive gatherings and sweet treats, all set against a darker more mysterious undertone of superstition and fear (tricks?). The carved pumpkins with scary faces and other Halloween decorations are meant to ward off evil spirits and protect our homes. But what about the evil in your office? What practices are there to protect you from the monsters that lurk those hallways? All around us are remnants of old beliefs that are carried into our daily life – even our work. Managers still trying to motivate using fear and intimidation; co-workers making choices based on vengeance or jealousy; well intended geniuses using their strengths in excess to tragic endings. Below is a bit of a twist on examining human behavior – with a frightful twist of trick or treat! See if you can identify which monster mask are you wearing at the office.

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