1 Productivity Secret of Home Office Workers: Napping

2 paths on the road from office working to home working. 

The first is a ‘cut and paste’ of the daily routine. You get up at the same time as when you went to the office. You shower, get dressed in work clothes, and walk to your home office. You don’t allow yourself to leave the office (except for coffee, bio breaks, and lunch) until your workday ends. In effect you work the 8 to 5 sitting in your home office chair. Exhausting.

If the first path is ‘cut and paste,’ the second is a fresh page. A page that takes it’s form from the location – home. Home is more relaxed and so is this path’s schedule. Bursts of productivity are intermixed with bursts of fun and relaxation. Working from home offers benefits the first path does not utilize. The benefit is not only healthy, it may even make you more productive. What is it? Napping.

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interruptions: good or bad?

Do you do everything possible to limit the interruptions in your workday? It is part of every productivity training course and philosophy I’ve ever studied. Limit the interruptions in your work day to allow for maximum productivity. As an anywhere / indie / virtual worker, I’ve realized that limiting interruptions may be negatively impacting my productivity and creativity.

favorite interruption busting tricks

What tricks have you learned over the years? I remember the many tricks I used to use while working in a corporate office. My favorites include:

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