emotional intelligence

how to ooze charisma

Charisma. Some people seem to ooze charisma from their pores. Others try hard but end up more sleazy than charismatic. As a virtual leader and business owner, charisma is a desirable quality. A quality that I believe can be developed with practice and a genuine desire to help others.

Charisma is…

I define charisma as a special personal quality of an individual making him/her capable of influencing or inspiring others. You know that feeling you get when you talk to someone and you feel better about yourself just because you did? That’s charisma. You want it, don’t you?

What charisma is not: flashy, showy, power wielding, self-centered, judgmental, win-lose, pushy, or boring.

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The Prelude To Virtual Trust – Mindset

Connecting to others in the virtual workforce is an art. It begins with having the right mindset. Even before taking step one in building rapport, you need to start with a prepared but blank canvas.

That prepared canvas includes a list of attributes that may be challenging to most of us, especially in the current culture of ‘trust no one’ in the corporate realm. The blank canvas refers to the absence of judgment before getting to know the other person.

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The Emotionally Intelligent Coach

Exceptional Leadership comes from developing emotional intelligence. Exceptional coaching comes from tapping into your emotional intelligence strengths as both a coach and client. Emotional Intelligence (EI) begins with self-awareness and expands to management of emotions of oneself, others, and groups. At each phase of the coaching engagement, there are opportunities for the coach to influence the client in building EI competency by modeling the behavior.

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