a rose by any other name smells different

Please enjoy Sheena Iyengar as she shares her research and ‘the art of choosing’

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our choices define us

From the friends you choose to the clothes you wear, each choice you make helps to define your life’s mosaic. Consider the defining moment in your life: your college/university; your course of study; where to live; which job to take; communities to join – all define you. But it is more than the big decisions. Even the little decisions, when collected together, create your life mosaic. Think of each decision as a Polaroid photo. Each day you make hundreds of decisions. Over time these snapshots create a collection that is, when viewed from a distance, a mosaic of your life – who you are.

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ask the coach: how to collaborate from a distance

From the ‘ask the coach’ inbox comes a question about collaborating across distance. Our reader has recently been assigned to a project in which he must collaborate with a team member that is thousands of miles away and in another country. He wants to know how to make sure their collaboration is equally balanced and productive. Here are the first steps to get started:

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