out damn clutter

During this year of creativity, I’ve committed not to creating more stuff, but to creating action with purpose in myself and others. I realized in the first few days on the journey that I would need to make room for this new creativity and remove what was in my way: office clutter.

I didn’t want to toss all of my belongings and have a stark white office with a folding chair and table. Let’s face it, I like some stuff.  What I needed was a clutter free, functional office. Or maybe something more. Like Seth said “The space matters”.  So I set out to first remove the clutter and then create a zen-like office.

the great purge

The process is ongoing. I discovered in my assessment of my office that there are several main categories of stuff:

  1. Paper and its management tools
  2. Stuff to manage paper (folders, stapler, staple remover, paper clips…the list goes on)
  3. Stuff to organize the paper management stuff (drawers, plastic storage boxes, file cabinets…you get it)
  4. Books and books and books! (I love books)
  5. Electronics (backup chargers, cases, bluetooth headsets, a mouse or 5…yada yada yada)
  6. Misc things I don’t know where else to put!

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365 day ‘take action’ challenge

It’s a new year and with it comes the feeling of a fresh start, a clean slate on which to create your life. I believe existence precedes essence and that we become what we practice. It is with daily action that we can each become. By taking action with purpose (as defined by your chosen theme) you choose who you become with greater awareness. Make 2011 the year you bring to the surface that authentic, powerful, creative, unique person that you have inside.

If you have completed your ‘year in review’ journey from the previous post  make your new year resolution an evolution, you have your theme for 2011. Now it is time to make this theme a reality. It is time to take action with purpose. How you do this will depend upon your theme. What I want to do is share with you my journey of 365 days of creativity.

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