Present spontaneously through practice

Have you ever attended a presentation and been awed by how easily the keynote speaker engages you and how comfortable she seems? She speaks without looking at notes or her slides. It’s as if she’s having a conversation with just you and everything she says is off the top of her head. Do you wish you could be that spontaneous?

Would you be surprised to find out that those presenters are not spontaneously presenting? They practice and prepare more than the average presenter. That is why the moved from average to exceptional.

You can present with impact and confidence by using this four step approach.

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what is your ‘morning paper’ about work?

I was wondering about this as I read thru all of my RSS feeds this morning looking for hot news and updates relating to my business, my clients’ business, and the world at large.

Things have been changing in the world of news reporting. No longer are the TV news anchors and reporters our only source of information of news and events around the world. Now we have the internet and social media that provide us with an unlimited variety of perspectives and levels of detail about – everything – and often do it more quickly! I find that I am more informed now that I use twitter, RSS feeds, and a few online news aggregators as my ‘morning paper.’

As I was reviewing my ‘morning paper’ or more accurate, my ‘morning pages’ I began to think about how, as employees, we aggregate our morning news about work – at work.

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