Read more books – get a (better) job

How many books do you read in a year?

Did you know that your answer could impact your creativity, your paycheck, and your health?

The Stats are Astounding

  • 49% of adults don’t read a book after graduating
  • Many adults spend 3 or 4 hours a day watching TV and only 20 minutes reading
  • Employers rank reading and writing as top deficiencies in new hires


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Executive Coaching and The Queen

Oh yes, there is a common thread through The Queen’s Diamond Jubile and executive coaching. It’s not obvious, it’s about – connecting. Connecting one person to another in a relationship that has far reaching impact.

This weekend I stopped to watch with millions of others as Queen Elizabeth II celebrated her Diamond Jubilee. There is something about such an event that makes us stop and take note of how time passes.

Beyond the brilliance and ceremony, I was struck by Queen Elizabeth II the person, and her relationships – specifically her relationships with the British prime ministers past and present.

Here in front of me was a great example of an executive coaching relationship. An example I could share with others to help them better understand the role and importance of coaching.

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Back to School – The School of Life

“Education is what remains after one has forgotten what one has learned in school.”
~Albert Einstein

The kids are back. Now it’s your turn.

Refresh your productivity with the excitement of ‘back to school.’

I know you can feel the excitement in the air – even at your age. The smell of newly sharpened pencils. The feel of a fresh new notebook waiting for your brilliance to appear like magic in it’s pages. The anticipation felt standing on the corner waiting for the school bus. Who will your teacher be this year? What will you learn?

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