year of action and creativity-so far

At the start of the year I committed to a theme for 2011 and asked you to join me in making your new year resolution an evolution (of self.) I believe we become what we practice, and daily practice is a great way to become. I declared creativity as my theme for 2011. I am developing things for my business that were not in existence before; I am developing my create ability with daily focus and developing daily habits that will put this new ability into action!

I have to admit that it is difficult to keep the focus for an entire year. I ran into a few rough spots with the epic tornado breakout in our area, and less epic distractions like a loss of interest. Habits are difficult to change and create (nothing new there!) I wanted to share with you a few tricks I’m using to keep focused and regain my focus after a distraction. I hope you’ll share your insights as well – we learn from each other!

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let out a roar at work

This post is a little different. I’m taking my own advise and doing one thing different today….I hope you enjoy this departure.


There once was a dragon that was lost at birth by its parents and raised among farm animals. It grew up to eat grass and walk the fields like other tame beasts.

One day an older dragon flew over the fields, breathing fire and scattering all the animals in the barnyard. The young dragon on the ground was fascinated and frozen in its tracks. The older dragon, spying its young cousin, swooped down, grabbed the younger one in its huge jaws, and flew far up into the sky.

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3 biz books for taking action

Are you a life-long learner? Always taking classes? Always signing up for workshops or courses? How do you find new things to learn?

how to find interesting topics

I love learning new things. Anyone who knows me will tell you I’m always reading several books at a time. I love knowledge, new perspectives, old ideas, and stories. I find new topics of interest in several ways:

  • First through blog posts like this one. I follow hundreds of blogs and use google reader to group and manage them. In the blog world are thought leaders, experts, and unique individuals with a variety of interests and perspectives.
  • Second, I find new topics through…
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