Critical for Anywhere Workers: Acknowledgement

If you have been an anywhereWORKER for any amount of time, there may be something you miss even more than the water cooler conversations: acknowledgement for a job well done. When we are in the office, we can celebrate the smaller milestones with co-workers with a simple sharing of ‘hey, check this out.’ But when secluded in your home office, there...

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3 Step Fiber for Productivity Constipation


It’s GREAT to experience FLOW when working. You have the right atmosphere, the right amount of challenge, and the right purpose or motivation. You loose track of time because you are engaged and immersed.

But what happens when it’s not a fun, meaningful, or challenging task?

Productivity Constipation

Every professional has a few of those not so fun tasks on their list. Maybe it’s balancing your business accounts; or creating a presentation; or updating your website. Whatever the task, you still need to get it done. But somehow you just can’t get going – or keep going. It’s like productivity constipation.

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Get RACI with collaboration

Whether you are working on a project, delivering a presentation, or just doing your daily job – having clearly defined roles and responsibilities is the number one element of success.

If you don’t believe me, ask any project manager, manager, or mother! Without clear responsibility for tasks and decisions – things don’t get done, work is not distributed to the right resources, decisions are not made, blame and stress increase, and productivity gets flushed down the drain. Not a pretty sight.

RACI – the power tool

Increase your chance of a successful collaboration but using a project management tool in all areas of your life of business. Though the first time I used this tool was for a large project, I have since used it for group work ranging from a single event with two people, to a large cross functional multi year project. It’s called the RACI chart. Not it’s not RACY (as in risque) but R.A.C.I.

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