Stuck in a rut? Change one thing.

We all want change, even if we don’t admit it. 

We want a healthier body, more money, better relationships, a better job, more time, more opportunity, love, happiness, success…the list goes on.

We want change but don’t want to change.

And so we are stuck. Same actions equal same results. We do the same things every day again and again waiting for something to be different than yesterday. Waiting for that perfect client, perfect job, perfect workout, perfect moment – to appear from somewhere else. 

We’re looking outside of ourselves for the answer.

What if instead of following the pattern from yesterday and the day before, we did one thing different? Right now!

What if we took control and stopped waiting for someone else to make the change? 

What if we made one change right now and started something – just to see what would be different?

Not a big change. Just one small action.

What if right now you picked up the phone to talk to someone? 

  • Want to be healthier? Call a friend and invite them for a walk at lunch today.
  • Want more money? Call a recruiter or your boss to talk about opportunities or call that prospect you lost touch with and reconnect.
  • Want a better relationship? Call that person and talk – and focus 100% on them.

Get the idea? Change one thing and see where it leads.

We want to change but don’t want to take the responsibility for making it happpen.

But the responsibility is ours. We create our own success, happiness, life!

Do it.

Change one thing.

Let me know where it leads.