Do You Have Stories for Key Business Moments?

Have you been avoiding using storytelling in your business conversations? Are you at a loss for where stories would even be used? Do you even think about stories for key business moments?

Before I started to research storytelling, I thought their only usefulness was in TED-like talks or advertising campaigns. Of course, I was wrong. Everyday Storytelling for success

Powerful Tools: Stories for Key Business Moments.

Because what my research uncovered was a list of opportunities in everyday business to use stories to better connect with others.

Seems like, as a professional, stories are useful across the life of your career from conversations about finding work to leadership moments.

Of course, stories help you connect, build relationships, inspire, and influence others. Your conversations can be more successful with these stories than without.

Must Have Business Stories

Certainly, there are several scenarios along the typical career journey to align your core stories with key business moments.

Each business scenario has its own context, audience, and purpose. This list will get you started:

Finding work

for Your Resume
as a Networking Strategy
to Ace That Interview

Getting to work

as a Performance Management Tool
for Project Proposals
to Motivate Your Team

Leading others in work
Storytelling in:

Mentoring Conversations
The Boardroom

In how many of these moments do you use storytelling (be honest)? Would it help to have a few core stories ready and available?

Step Above Average

Of course, we all want to be heard and understood. Sadly, we don’t always accomplish that objective as often as we’d like.

Are you ready to step above and beyond what the average businessperson does to communicate with others?

It’s time to make storytelling more than an idea you’ll do someday.

Find the step-by-step approach to crafting your stories for key business moments in the book Everyday Storytelling for Success.