Soundbites are seeds of greater ideas


Whether you think social media helps us connect more or is meaningless and narcissistic behavior, it is now part of our online and offline existence.

Much of what we share and consume are in sound bite forms. Not unlike the quotes you see on the cover of gossip magazines at the checkout line in your supermarket.

These soundbites appear not only on gossip magazines, but also in the headlines, company slogans, mantras, slogans, and of course social media posts.

What if we didn’t take these soundbites at face value? What if we treated these soundbites as only seeds – seeds of ideas.

What if we thought of these soundbites as titles of books. That these titles were just the tip of the iceberg.

As a reader of the soundbite it would be your responsibility to dig deeper into the meaning. Maybe you would need to get to know more about the worldview of the author. Maybe you could read other things written and look for a common thread that runs through all of the author’s works.

As a writer of these soundbites, what if we dug deeper into these ideas and nurtured and cultivated them? Imagine what we would create!

Imagine instead of assuming we know what the author meant to say, we actually know because – we took the time to find out. We read further, dug deeper, maybe even reached out to have a conversation.