Small Biz Hero’s Journey: 1 Critical Question

A deeper look at the Small Business Hero’s Journey

Thinking of leaving your corporate job to go out on your own? There are many things to consider. Here’s an overview of some of those things in A Hero’s Journey: Starting A Small Business.

Let’s take a deeper look at the journey. The first question I would ask if you were my client: Why

Why do you want to go out on your own? Your answer can provide insight into the road ahead for you and your success.

I emphasize asking yourself this questions because it is so important to be clear on the answer before you take any action.

Starting and running a business (big or small) is a long term commitment. One that takes intelligence, emotional intelligence, experience, thick skin, a sense of humor, a great support network, and most of all – stamina and perseverance.

If your ‘why’ is true to your core values, dreams, and passions – you will find the stamina and perseverance.

If it is not, you may find the journey worse than what you are currently experiencing. Often those who run toward starting their own business are really running away from something else.


Explore your ‘Why.’ Write 3 full pages answering the question ‘why I want to leave my corporate job and start my own business. Keep writing until the truth is revealed on the paper. Do not give the business school answer; the silicon valley start-up answer; or the answer you think I want to hear. Be honest.

Then look at your answer and ask yourself: ‘Is that enough? Is that enough to get me through years of working 7 days a week? Months of uncertain cashflow? Holiday after holiday of working while the family and friends relax and goof around?

Give this exercise the time it deserves. If you discover you do not have a strong enough ‘why,’ dig deeper into finding a different solution to your angst.

If you still want to start your own business – DO IT!