Signs you are NOT a savvy communicator

presentationyou poor communication signs
The average communicator sends a clear message.

The savvy communicator makes sure the message is received and understood.

Which are you?

Read the following and check all that apply.

When I communicate with others they…

  • seem to decide, then back off
  • are overly critical
  • get defensive, argue, and trie to out-expert you
  • want it their way
  • are very impatient during explanations
  • attack small points and logic
  • get into analysis paralysis
  • get overly silent or non-committal
  • put you off with requests for more information
  • kid around, don’t get serious
  • overly agreeable, yet stalls
  • accept smaller plan just to placate you

If you checked 3 or more of these you are leaning away from savvy.

You may be jeopardizing your business relationships; impacting your productivity; and may even be alienating or pissing off people you really want to build a relationship with! Yikes!

You see, our intentions don’t always align with the impact we have on others. You may have great intentions, but if the results do not match that intention – you need a communication adjustment.

Seriously consider working with me. I can help you move toward savvy communicator and have the impact and influence you need to be successful in your life and business.