Shut Up and Listen

Want to be a better communicator? Shut up and listen first.

I’ll bet you step all over other people’s words when having a conversation. Am I right? Do you know how I know? Because I do it too.

You may be doing it because you are passionate about the topic. Or maybe you have no patience. Or maybe you are just rude. Regardless, if you want to be a better communicator you need to listen first, then talk.

I don’t care if you are the receptionist or the CEO, you have to shut up and listen. Wait your turn.

Listen to understand. Listen to gather information. Listen out of respect. Truly listen. Don’t try and formulate your answer just yet. You have time for that.

Listening in a key secret of the presentation masters. Do you think they put their talk together without gathering information first? Without knowing their intended audience? No! And how do you think they gather that information? Through conversation. Real live conversations. And they listen first.

Ready to be shamed? Here’s a challenge for you. In your very next live conversation (face to face or virtual), do one thing: count how many times you ‘step’ on another person’s words.