Are you looking for inspiration or ideas? Or in need of a paradigm shift? Try a new book.

Books are magic.

They create a connection through time and space between you and the author. A good book can inspire, teach, entertain, and more importantly help connect us to people, places, things and perspectives we may not normally experience.

Included in this reading list are books I recommend to clients again and again. I’d love for you to benefit from them as well. They’re in no particular order – so make sure to check the entire list.

Grab a beverage, get settled in your favorite reading spot, and choose a book from the list. Enjoy!

Suggested reading list to help get your ideas out of your head and into the world.

Change or Die

by Alan Deutschman

This book describes how difficult it is for us humans to change – even when our lives depend on it. Deutschman shares what elements have been present when change actually does occur. I use these elements in my personal life and in my coaching practice. If you want to make a significant change in behavior or if you are in a helping profession that supports such change, I recommend this book.

Persuasive Business Proposals

by Tom Sant

Everything you need to know in order to write a winning proposal is in this book. And so much more! It’s not about the proposal alone. The questions asked and the mindset it promotes is where you’ll gain an extra benefit over your competition. Yes, it’s about writing a proposal, but it’s also about communication in general. I recommend reading this whether you write proposals or not. You’ll use these elements in everyday communication.

Man’s Search for Meaning

by Viktor Frankl

This is a foundational book for my coaching philosophy as well as how I help my clients. There are many lessons as well as opportunities for developing empathy. One very relevant lesson for my clients is how we choose to deal with this uncertain and often absurd world. Doesn’t that describe business life? More now than ever.

10% Happier

by Dan Harris

I love the journey Harris takes the reader on in this book. It’s real, full of humor and wisdom. I’ve read books, and attended workshops about being happy and creating a perfect life. There are often unrealistic expectations set that eventually lead to loss of motivation instead of increased happiness. Along comes 10% Happier with the promise of a realist and a great journey to go along with it. Sometimes we humans just need to hear the same message told in a different way (through story) to have an impact.


by Greg McKeown

This is a challenging philosophy for most people, especially those who don’t yet recognize they have a choice and are driven by long held beliefs and unchallenged corporate culture. Just like the minimalist movement, Essentialism focuses on paring things down to only what is important. This is a must read for anyone experiencing stress, burnout, or unending feeling of overwhelm.

Philosopher’s Diet

by Richard Watson

The subtitle says it all: Lose Weight and Change the World. The odd couple of diet and philosophy is something I just couldn’t pass up and I’m glad I didn’t. There is some practical advice in this book but it’s more about shining a light on the ridiculous amount of time and money we spend on things without really examining their importance or the deeper why behind it all. It’s a short read but I enjoy it so much I’ve read it a few times.

On Writing Well

by William Zinsser

I read this when I first decided I wanted to become a published author. It’s an amazing guide to writing nonfiction of any length or purpose. Anyone that writes for business should read this book – and that is everyone. We all write emails, reports, presentations, meeting minutes, and yes – stories. Do yourself a favor and get this book and keep it wherever you do your writing.

How To Read A Book

by Charles Van Doren, Mortimer J. Adler

I know you can read…you’re reading this sentence! What you may not know are the different dimensions of reading and how and when to use them. A colleague recommended this book years ago. It’s big and deep and can seem overwhelming and is best consumed one bite at a time. We are really missing so much when we don’t take full advantage of the wonderful work others have crafted. Try it. You’ll be brilliant!

Turning Pro

by Steven Pressfield

Turning Pro is a favorite of writers and would-be writers. I would also recommend it to any business professional. If you can ‘turn pro’ you will most likely be amongst the elite in your field. Most of us are not pros, but instead, are dabbling in our work. This book will put you squarely at a crossroads – the choice is yours.

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