Progress over Perfect #helloBrilliant #action-with-purpose #progressOverPerfect

What if we defined success as making progress rather than achieving perfection? #ProgressOverPerfect

What is it that makes something perfect? Was your morning coffee the perfect cup? Most likely not. And yet, I bet you enjoyed that cup of coffee very much.

Is it bad that you’ve saved a hundred dollars this month instead of a thousand? What’s important is that you’re saving. And it’s a leap ahead from the thousand spending from past months.

Was the presentation you delivered perfect? Of course not. The important thing is you are sharing your message. And I can assure you it changed at least one person.

You’ll lose motivation and never reach the finish line, if you wait for the big wins to celebrate success.

Small wins with celebrations keep us going.

One thing worth celebrating every day: working on becoming a better person than you were yesterday.

#helloBrilliant – Look for the progress you made today.

#Human2Human – Help someone else do the same.