Presenter’s [super hero] Carpet Bag

It’s Showtime!

  • -You’ve spent time asking all the right questions about your audience’s needs;
  • -You’ve built a one of a kind, visually powerful slide presentation;
  • -You’ve practiced your delivery, timing, and storytelling….it’s showtime!

You arrive early to the venue to get a feel for the layout and set up your computer. Everything looks wonderful! Each round table is covered with a white tablecloth. Each is set with ice water and glasses; paper and pens; and  a centerpiece of candy and mints. Every table has a clear view of the podium. You walk to the front of the room to set up your computer and start to feel your anxiety increasing as you realize….

  • -You don’t have the right connector for the old projector they have; or
  • -There isn’t an extension cord long enough to reach your computer; or
  • -Their projector blows a bulb and there’s no replacement; or
  • -[insert here all the possible things that can go wrong, and will at one time or another!]

Mary Poppins of Presentations

Suddenly, from the back of the room comes a woman with a computer bag on wheels. She smiles and says “don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. Go get a glass of water and meet me back here in 5 minutes.” She opens the bag and pulls out exactly what you need – just like Mary Poppins! You sigh in relief and walk toward the door to get your water and begin greeting your guests.

What a great fantasy. If you’ve ever experienced the uncertainty of presenting, you know the super hero / Mary Poppins of presentations does not exist. But you can become your own super hero. All you need is a magic Presenter’s Grab bag.

The Presenter’s [super hero] Grab Bag

Mary Poppins had her carpet bag. Nanny McPhee had her own bag of tricks. Even Hermiene of Harry Potter had a magic bag that produced exactly what you needed, when you needed it.

The Presenter’s Grab Bag can be that kind of bag for you. It is a bag packed with everything you can think of that has gone wrong, could go wrong, even won’t ever go wrong.

Just like any emergency ‘grab bag,’ this bag is to be packed and kept at the ready in your office / home office. Every time you leave for a presentation, take the bag and place it in the trunk of your car (or plane, train, or automobile). You may never need it, but the moment you forget it – you will need it!

Contents include:

  • ◊ LCD Projector
  • ◊ Cables to connect your computer to the projector
  • ◊ Cables to connect your iPad to the projector
  • ◊ Cables to connect ‘other’ devices not mentioned above (VGA, HDMI, DVI, USB)
  • ◊ Spare bulb for projector
  • ◊ Speakers for your computer
  • ◊ Cables to connect speakers to your computer
  • ◊ Extension cord
  • ◊ Power strip with surge protector
  • ◊ Tape to secure cords
  • ◊ 2 to 3 prong converter
  • ◊ Whiteboard Markers
  • ◊ Roll of white butcher paper (can be used for writing, or as an impromptu screen)
  • ◊ Painters Tape (to hang paper)
  • ◊ Black cloth to conceal ‘things’
  • ◊ Foldable easel
  • Slide Remote to advance slides
  • ◊ Spare batteries for remote
  • ◊ USB storage to transfer files
  • Microphone and speakers
Items in bold are most often used.

What’s In Your Bag?

Your presentation style as well as the context in which you most often present will determine what you place in your own carpet bag of presentation magic. Use this as a jumping off point and let your experience guide you the rest of the way.

Now…it really is…SHOW TIME!