Persevere through Anxiety in Existential Presenting

presentationyou existential presenting thru anxiety

“He who has a why to live can bear almost any how.”  ~Friedrich Nietzsche

The fifth tenet to embracing existential presenting is that you can indeed get beyond your anxiety and fear with a strong why.

In short, those who are successful in presenting with impact in spite of their angst, anxiety and fear, do so by being very clear on their ‘why’ and having a powerful commitment to that why.

You will experience anxiety. Some of us experience it more than others and that is why you are reluctant to present. If you let that anxiety win, it is because you have yet to define your purpose. Not necessarily your purpose in life, though that may come into play, but rather your purpose for presenting on this occasion.

You must be clear about why:  Why do YOU need to present this topic? Why is this topic important? Why now? Why does your audience need to hear this? What happens if they do not hear, understand? Why do they need your idea to change?

Knowing your one thing, the ‘why’ of the presentation, is just as important as the presentation itself.  That is why in the PresentationYOU approach we begin with YOU. The message begins with YOU.

Once you are clear on the ‘why’ then you can use that commitment to work on the ‘how.’

The audience needs to hear your message. Your why will get you through.

Embrace the angst of presenting. It’s part of life!

You are presenting all day long. Every time you share an idea – whether you are in the boardroom, in a webroom, or across the table – you are presenting.

Presenting is communicating an idea.

Presenting with impact and influence means you get your idea across to your audience and it somehow changes them. It changes them so much they are ready to take action.

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