Inspiring action with purpose - toward the mastery of remote work and a happy life.

The Anywhere Worker

Welcome! This is where The Anywhere Worker comes to connect, collaborate, learn, share, and stay creatively productive.

What is an ‘anywhere worker?’ Most likely, you are! Do you collaborate with professionals all over the world? Do you work from home one or more days each week? Do you work from local cafes and other ‘wifi’ locations? Then you are an anywhere worker. The anywhere worker is not tied to a specific location. She can work in her home, an office, or on the beach!

Over the past several years our clients from diverse backgrounds, generations, businesses, and interests have shared their goals, struggles, and ideas on what they need to be more effective at ‘anywhere working.’  Here at Azione-Scopo we are focused on providing a place for you, the anywhere worker, to become more effective and efficient in your life of business or business of life. Our executive coaching, learning, and advising products and services are designed to help the anywhere worker to not only identify and overcome their obstacles, but to succeed in spite of them.

What obstacles to anywhere workers face? Here are a few: Isolation (staying connected) | Gaps in Communication | Gaps in Collaboration | Staying visible | Finding a Center of Excellence | Working across Multiple Generations | Working across Cultures | Staying Productive

Take a look around our place. If you have ideas, please share them!

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Goal Discovery Tool

The most important thing about goals is having one
– Geoffry Abert

Your change efforts will only succeed if your goals reflect your personal priorities and needs and are at the right time. Discover your goal in three steps: 1. Create 2.Reduce 3. Select.

The following tools will help identify ideas for potential goal topics. This is not a how-to for writing a SMART goal nor a SMARTer goal. This is the step BEFORE the SMART goal. This is the step you need to take to select the goal, to identify which is the right goal for you to work on right now.

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Why Do You Work?

Have you thought about it lately? Why do you get up and go to work in the morning? What drives you to do that instead of something else (sleep, watch TV, shop, go to a movie or amusement park, write that novel, travel)? If you are a manager or leader, what do you think gets your team up and to work in the morning? Is it the same for the Gen Xer as for the Traditionalist? Seek to understand the answer...

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