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What’s Your Sign?

Can you summarize your presentation on one sign? It is often difficult to sum a long presentation into one statement. But if you can’t, then you didn’t start out with the end in mind, and your presentation is in danger of being cluttered, unclear, and uninspiring. Consider the exercise below in helping you develop your single message for any presentation. It is through limitations and constraints that we often innovate.   Imagine… -you have an important presentation to deliver, -your  slide...

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Skill Building Series: Can’t Change What You Can’t See

Self awareness is the foundation of any powerful / successful leader. We are not often given the time nor opportunity to increase our self awareness.

In this world of action and results – who has time for reflection?

You do! That is, if you want to improve your leadership skills. You can not change that which you are not aware.

That is what Brian discovered after the reviewing the results of his recent 360 feedback survey. It wasn’t just one thing that needed to change, it was a lot of little things. What surprised Brian the most, was that he wasn’t even aware of his behaviors, let alone their impact.

Read more to learn what simple tool we used to start making change happen!

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