One Thing You Need to Succeed in 2012

Do not follow blindly. Think. Think differently. Think for yourself! – Linda DeLuca


What one thing do you need to make 2012 a success?

The answer is unique for everyone. But before you answer that question, you need to be very clear on what success means to you for the coming year.

Redefine Success

I challenge you to think differently about how you define success. It may be a certain income, but is that REALLY what you want? Dig a little deeper. What does that money get you? How do you want to spend your time? With whom? Doing what? Where? How?

Is it really to loose 25 pounds? Or is it to be confident, to love yourself, to express your authentic self? How can you do that?

Though I’m asking you to define success for 2012, it really is a question of defining success in your lifetime. Yeah, I know, that’s really big. But you know what? If you don’t think about it at some point in your life, before you know it your life will be half over – or almost completely gone  – and you’ll regret not thinking about it now.

Do you want to end up living the life that someone else designed for you? Resist defining success by what others say (advertisers, hollywood, tabloids, newscasters that just want ratings, politicians, religious leaders). Are these the influences you really want to follow and to define success for you? You have a choice! Take the time right now to (re)define success on your terms.

….go ahead, I’ll wait…

Find The One Thing You Need

Now that you have a definition of success that is yours and only yours. What do you need to do, be, have, see, feel, experience in the coming year to help you achieve this success? Take time to think about this for more than a few minutes.

Take time and write out your script for 2012. All of the details! Write out what you want to do. Describe how it makes you feel to do these things. Write what you want to learn, become, see, and feel.

Another challenge. Measure this script of things against your definition of success. Challenge why these things are on your list. Remove anything that is truly not your desire, but influenced by others.

With what remains, review your script for the year. Do you notice a common theme running through it? If you feel comfortable enough, share it with a trusted friend or advisor. Often we can not see the theme that is right in front of us.

With this exercise you will discover a theme that runs through all that you need to make 2012 a success. What is that theme for you? What is the one thing you need to make it all happen?

Choosing Success

Once you have identified your theme – the one thing you need throughout 2012 to be successful – you have power! The power of choice.

Each time you are faced with a choice – to go to that meeting or not; to make that comment or not; to eat that chocolate cake or not – hold your choice up to that one thing you need to be successful in the year. Your theme is your guidepost for the coming year. Use it to help you move forward, stay on track, and make decisions and choices.

My 2012 Theme

It is very powerful to share your theme once you have identified it. This is the power of accountability. To show you how much I believe in the power of accountability, I will share with you my theme for 2012.

In 2012 my theme is nourishment. Everything I choose, I want to nourish my body, my mind, my spirit, my relationships, and my goal to help others take action with purpose. This is another guidepost for me in deciding where to place my energy.

How about you? What is your guidepost for 2012? Choose your focus for 2012. Your focus will define your experience during the coming year. Choose wisely!