What’s your game changer skill?

You know, that  one skill, habit, or characteristic that you see in others that makes you sigh. Maybe you get a little envious. Then maybe a little jealous, even start to resent that person for having it?

What is the one skill that you want, the one skill that if you had it it would up your game to a level beyond belief?


Oh, wait, were you expecting me to tell you the answer?

I’m sorry, that’s not going to happen.

The Game Changer: Your One Skill

You see, we each bring a unique combination of experience, skills, interests, and points of view to our work.

That’s the beauty of being human: Our individuality.

We’ve each taken a different path to get where we are right now.  You developed a unique set of skills from your co-workers, customers, and competitors.

That one thing you think you need…it’s something only you can identify.

Sorry, no easy button.

But I know you’re up for the challenge.

Most people keep their heads down as they progress along their career journey and develop only the skills listed as ‘required’ on their job description.

A few, the unique ones, those who march to the beat of a different drummer, (and I’m guessing you’re probably in this category) keep their heads up and look around always in search of an opportunity to learn and grow.

Imagine gathering skills – like a child gathers interesting, found things as they meander around the neighborhood. Can you picture aa 7 year old walking around picking up an interesting stone, piece of string, and a bottle cap with the funny looking face on it? Who knows where that old key came from, but maybe it will come in handy someday.

What if we adults started looking around for interesting skills?


You know I use powerful questions to help you uncover your genius. This challenge is no different. Answer these questions to get you started:

1. What one skill would you like to develop in your professional life that is a game changer? Don’t think too long on this question. Write down the first thing that comes to mind.

2. How would your life be different if you had this one skill?

You know what’s next, right?

3. What’s stopping you from developing that one skill?

Need help uncovering your one skill? Schedule and exploratory call to see how to take the very next step.