Why do I need to understand your perspective?

You want to be successful. You work hard to create trusting relationships with others at work. One of the ways to build those relationships is to get to know their perspectives and help them understand your perspective.

Understanding others views of the way the world works will help you to know them better. If you know where they stand, you can see if their view is different from yours and by how much.

Once you know their view, you can better understand what’s important to them.

But can you ever know someone else’s point of view?
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Understand Your Perspective

Our worldview is a lens that is part of our eyesight, not a pair of glasses we can remove.

The best we can do is try on other glasses that approximate what it’s like to see the world from a different perspective.

But what we don’t realize is our own worldview is still there.

We will never see through the eyes of another person.

But we can take a step closer to where they’re standing.